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I've found the person or persons I'm looking for. It has been a rewarding experience for me. Thank you for having an exciting site.
- Willie Newson (USA) 2004-11-10

Dear Bride Ru,
We, Elena Voyevitskaya from Moscow, Russia and John Upright from Wales, UK, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to your wonderful service in bringing us together.
We found each other in the ocean of your information and we would like very much to share our happiness with all people who may use your site.
We are sure that many other people can also find a lovely person as we have done.
We attach some photos of our wedding to show you the joy of our Life!
We wish everybody mutual Love!

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- Elena and John (United Kingdom) 2004-11-08

I found my wife on your web site. Therefore I have to thank you as you participated to this important change in my life. Thanks, best regards
- Serge Manciet (Malaysia) 2004-11-07

I have been lucky enough to meet a very special lady. Many thanks
- Jon Bromfield (United Kingdom) 2004-11-06

I have met someone who I will marry soon.
- James Gamble (USA) 2004-11-02

One dark rainy afternoon in January I looked at your site and E-mailed for your free list, I scanned your list and homed in one lady in particular - a lady from Donetsk in the Ukraine.
We corresponded and decided to meet in Turkey - what a meeting, we were in love at first site and I decided to obtain a visa to visit her in the Ukraine - We met in April and met again in England in May - I then returned to Donetsk and proposed to her and she accepted - we returned to England one month later and married on the 7th August.
We cannot pretend that we have had no difficulties along the way but we have slowly overcome them all, your site has enabled us to find the partner of our dreams and has given us the prospect of a very happy future. We shall together with my wifes daughters, very soon return to Donetsk Ukraine, (a city I have fallen in love with) to visit her mother, father and brother all of whom gave me a very warm welcome when we met for the first time back in April.
You may not know it but in addition to matching people together, you are creating an international understanding between nations, which is very important in this modern world.
Long may Bride.Ru continue ( I can highly recommend you )
Yours thankfully

- Mr & Mrs H.Marshall (Eastbourne, United Kingdom) 2004-10-28

We don't know if the rest of the stories are true. Ours certainly is. We have met thanks to your site. And after two years of an intense relationship, we were happily married in the summer of 2004.

- Lenders Philip & Tatiana (Belgium) 2004-10-27

Dear Russian Bride,
In 2002 I found the most beautiful woman in the world, we fell in love and this year 2004 we got married in july in the republic of Altai. Thanks to your remarkable site my dream came true. Thank you for everything you have done for us and we wish you the best.

- Marc (Gentbrugge, Belgium) 2004-10-25

Hi, Just to thank you for your amazing service. I have met the most wounderful girl. We get on beter than I could ever have imagined, she is just perfect and made me so happy. Thank you very much for helping introduce me to my Nell, you have made such a difference to my life.
- Nigel McCrery (United Kingdom) 2004-10-21

Dear Sir, Madam.
Thanks a lot for your services and for helping me find the woman of my life. Thanks a lot for everything.

- Demetris Demetriou (Cyprus) 2004-10-17

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