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I am happy of It has offered a very good service. It was really worth. Thank you very much for the service.
I have found a lady. I will suggest to use to my friends.

- Mr L Corvatta (Italy) 2005-02-16

I have found a potential mate. Thank you.
- Juliano Lozina (USA) 2005-02-15

I have find a warm woman friend by using your site. Thanks a lot for your help.
- Dr Celalettyn Sonmez (Ankara, Turkey) 2005-02-12

Its has been a pleasure bein a subscriber and i have found my girl. Thank you.
- A Mhanna (United Kingdom) 2005-02-10

I did find somebody! It was great experience. Thanks
- Paul Vonarburg (Switzerland) 2005-01-30

What a great site. I found my ideal russian partner within two weeks. We met in St.Petersburg and obi is just the greatest. Many thanks,
- Adam Garrett (London, United Kingdom) 2005-01-27

I have meet with somebody from and we will see what God will give us. I really did appreciate your site. To me it is the best in the world. It was my second time. Now I'm having Russian lessons and I'm considering to come in Russia next year.
Thank you

- Alain Cote (Canada) 2005-01-24

I have found the woman of my dreams through your sight. I thank you for your excellent site and information. I couldn't have spent my money better!
Thank you

- William David Lewis (USA) 2005-01-23

I found my life partner and I am getting married soon. Your website is a wonderfull website and I had made several friends out there in Russia and Moldova. Thanks for everything.
- Pradosh Kumar (India) 2005-01-22

Dear website!
We would love to thank you!
You helped us to find each other!
We are very very happy together!!!!
We are together longer then 1 year already.
We got married and a beautiful baby.
And we are still very very very in love with each other.
thank you a lot.
you are the best

- Olga & Monty (The Netherlands) 2005-01-22

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