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Dear Ladies!

Our agency is very popular among European, American, Canadian and Australian men.
Our services are absolutely free for the ladies.
You can add your profile yourself.
Just fill in the form.

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Privacy policy

You have to follow these rules. Otherwise your profile will not be published.
  • It is desirable to fill in the profile in English
  • Please, be honest and careful to indicate the correct information
  • If you have children do not forget to put down their age
  • If you cannot find the city you live in in the list, please choose the one which is close to yours
  • Indicate your full home address beginning with the post code and ending with the street name
  • Do not forget to indicate your city phone code
  • The more phone numbers you indicate the better
  • Please, try to fill in all the fields of your profile. The most important fields are: Name, Surname, Age, Height, Weight, Mailing address, Phone number. We will not publish your profile if one of these fields is empty
  • Attach your pictures to the profile. Otherwise, the profile will not be published
  • It is desirable to give us at least two pictures (portrait and full height)
  • Do not write your mailing address like: «Poste restante» or the address of other agency. We will only publish the profiles with your own home addresses and phone numbers
  • We check all the profiles before publishing them. One of our representatives will call you up after the receiving of your profile. We will only publish your profile after his accept
  • We delete profiles without Name, Surname, Phone number and mailing address. Also, we remove profiles with poor quality pictures and pictures with other persons (besides pictures with your own children). If your pictures were damaged and did not download – the profile will not be published
  • If you write unreliable information: wrong phone numbers, address, pictures – your profile will be removed and marked as Blacklist. You will never be able to publish your profile on
  • We ask you to indicate your home phone number. Cellular or work phone numbers are considered as additional in order to get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you do not have any phone numbers — we recommend you to publish your profile on other Sites

Profile filling recommendations:
  • Do not fill the fields with ALL CAPS symbols
  • Push «Add» button only once. Remember, your pictures downloading can take long time. Do not stop downloading. Do not push «Stop» or «Refresh(Reload)» buttons
  • Preferable pictures format is JPEG. Desirable size is not less than 600 pixels (height)
  • If your pictures were damaged because of the bad connection or any other reason — send your picture to our e-mail, indicating your profile number

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