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Bride.RU Beautiful ukraine women every week Informer.

Here you can download Informer

What is Informer? Informer is a software which allows you to get Silver gallery ladies contacts for FREE, receive daily updates, do search through the database and get free contacts.

How can I get silver gallery ladies contacts?

You need to download and install Bride.Ru Informer. Informer has a wallet with virtual money. You may spend this money to buy "silver emails".
Just for installation you get 2 points as a Setup bonus. One email address costs 1 point. There is a possibility to earn more points.
Make your friends to install the Informer and get more bonuses! You get 5 points for each friend you recruit, 4 points for each person your friend recruits and so on.

We have 5-tier reference program.

1st level = 5 points
2nd level = 4 points
3rd level = 3 points
4th level = 2 points
5th level = 1 point

Just let some of your friends know about our Informer and you'll get plenty of emails for free. Guaranteed!!! Complete instructions how to do this in a proper way you'll find inside the Informer.

Tell me how I can contact beautiful ladies from this site!
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