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RAYMOND #443164

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Age: 67
Date of Birth: 4 October 1950
Zodiac: Libra
Height: 176 cm    5' 9.3"
Weight: 87 kg    192 lbs
Country: Dominican Republic
City: Punta Cana
Hair: GRAY
Occupation: RETIRED
Education: PH.D
Religion: ATHEIST
Marital Status: WIDOWER
Kids: NONE
My personality traits are: I am brilliant, self-deprecating, benignly arrogant, articulate, somewhat demanding, viscerally romantic, occasionally difficult, peerlessly passionate, charismatic citizen of the world, and always a gentleman.
I like these kinds of music: As Voltaire remarked 'Without music life itself would be a mistake'
I usually read: non-fiction
I like to go out to/and: I live...
My favorite cuisine: Italian, of course
I like these physical activities: Anything to do with my beach
More about me: In business I am a diplomat and a tyrant. I am arrogant and/or charming as the situation dictates. In my personal life I am a man of passion, honor and decency. (And of course, I brush my teeth twice a day.) My appearance, as my photos will attest, is as follows: I have the body of a Sicilian mountain gorilla that mated with a small farm tractor, and the face of man who has been in a slow-moving train accident. (My photos do not lie…unfortunately that is me.) I am not by any definition a ‘pretty boy.’ However, in my favor, if such is possible, I am not so unattractive that I frighten small children when they first see me…at least not in daylight. I have travelled the world many times over and have visited countries too numerous to mention. Most importantly, I willingly admit that I have been on more than 100 tropical islands in my life, (I am a tropical island nut with a semi- hard shell,) and in fact, although I am American by birth and passport, I live 10 minutes from Cabarete on beautiful Playa Encuentro in the Dominican Republic. It is a charming community with endless views of the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, a pristine beach five minutes from my front door, and fine neighbors from all over the planet. New York, where I was born and grew up, is the place where my persona was erected. The Caribbean, however, is my true love regarding living. I have been coming to The Caribbean for 40 years and will remain here forever. Thus, if you do not wish to live in a tropical paradise, you do not wish to live with me. Should I choose you, this is where we will meet and where we will remain. I am a semi-retired professional poker player and I have been involved in every aspect of the game for my entire life. I am not by anyone’s imagination ‘sporty’ or ‘sportive’ in any way. My athletic days are behind me. My idea of ‘sport’ is a day in the tropical sun by the azure sea followed by an intimate, romantic dinner under a black night sky painted with a million bright stars. Thus, Beauty, if you are looking for a gymnasium hulk who loves rock climbing, I am not the man you seek. Certainly, if you are an athlete and love sport, I will be your best cheerleader. (But not in a short skirt…bad idea.) I am a very tough guy who likes soft sheets, romance films and puppies. I will make you laugh. (Just look at my face. That tragic image alone should leave you in hysterics.) Preeminently, I am a student of our universe and everything it offers. Important: At this stage of my life I do not want children. If you have young children living with you or you want to have babies I am not the man for you. Also, you must at least some speak English. This is essential. Intimate, articulate conversation between lovers is as necessary as breathing, and quite frankly as sensual as sex. Love making between mates encompasses everything intellectual and emotional as well as physical. As you can see in my photos, I have a four-legged baby. FAT FACE is my darlin’, so if you do not love little pups, do not bother to answer me. Finally, please, I ask you, do not respond to this simple entreaty if you are not emotionally and intellectually mature. I protect little girls, I do not pursue them.
Age group of a partner: 35-55
My perception of an ideal relationship: I have ‘relationships’ with my attorney, my bank, my housekeeper, my market manager, my gardener, etc., etc. With the woman I love, I have a romance, a love affair. Nothing less is acceptable.
Profile posted on:
Thu Aug 9 14:54:32 2018 (Moscow time) Edit


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