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Francisco Rosalesrueda #380983

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Francisco Rosalesrueda
Age: 62
Date of Birth: 9 August 1955
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 171 cm    5' 7.3"
Weight: 79 kg    174 lbs
Country: Guatemala
City: Guatemala de la Asunción
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Black & White now
Occupation: Medical Doctor & Diverse
Education: High
Religion: None now but not evil
Marital Status: Single by divorce
Kids: grown
Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Some French, Some Russian words
My personality traits are: I´m quite serious in everything at job, decisions & objectives: goals, but at the same time I´m sociable, tolerant with limit, have no bad habits, in conclusion I'm not Badman neither Batman, only an ordinary man living normal & sure that the brave woman that accept my proposal won't be disappointed: Permanent steady relationship, not a temporary expensive pleasure for our sexual records
I like these kinds of music: romantic, easy: tranquil, orchestral, pop emotional like riders in the sky, others not noisy
I usually read: medicine, some inventions, mechanics & others
I like to go out to/and: whatever can be good
My favorite cuisine: Fruit shakes, stroganoff, ceasar's salad
I like these physical activities: whatever I can hold
More about me: I´m quite serious in everything at job, decisions & objectives: goals, but at the same time I´m funny according to my relatives & friends, I see life passing by & even with bad events & still joke but it doesn´t mean that I´m indifferent to my personal problems or my sons needs, my friends concerns or relatives urgencies. I dislike to be provoked by my woman with jealous actions, it destroys everything, making me to lose interest on her & finally depending on the offense, because it is so, I dismiss you at once without regret, everything has a limit & the thin line of respect must not be trespassed. I like to feel the armony of our company dancing, listen to the music, watching TV, walking around, visiting any place or go to the beach to walk or buy fish very early in the morning that is 90 minutes from home, cooking together & suddenly…. Making love I dislike that our resources get wasted, waste makes impossible any prosperity & it bothers our good behavior & development of our relationship. At tis point of our lives impossible that we still behave as teenagers with caprices & looking only for pleasures than/instead for a formal reasonable life, we already accomplished tasks & responsibilities with our sons, is understandable to have a rest but NOW, is another time, different issue. More in letters
Age group of a partner: 45-55
My perception of an ideal relationship: I want my woman FROM: N3 15years younger than me, ready for everything, especially for us, not a doll thinking that she deserves everything because pays with sex. A woman with common sense, reason before emotion & who value my efforts to keep us together & alive, humblely but happy together, quite attractive that makes my dreams feel real with hers company & attentions addressed only to me but, at the same time helpful at any situation. Hers affairs are in 1st place than mines IF they don´t jeopardize & less destroys mines in 1st place, Do you understand? Whoever you are & live, be brave to come to me & take the chance at least to try, I don´t bite, we can enjoy the last lap of our life radically, there isn´t place for any mistake again. No regrets, nor limits, neither refuses between us, easy going as possible, in conclusion 1 WAY TICKET, you won´t regret taking the chance
Profile posted on:
Mon Dec 11 00:48:55 2017 (Moscow time) Edit


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