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Age: 46
Date of Birth: 30 September 1970
Zodiac: Libra
Height: 173 cm    5' 8.1"
Weight: 80 kg    176 lbs
Country: Germany
City: Hannover
Eyes: very blue :-)
Hair: mixed
Education: 5731 years old soul
Religion: no fragmented thinking asks
Marital Status: single and was never married :-)
Kids: wonderfull daughter, 14 years
Languages spoken: english and german naturally :-)
My personality traits are: reliably, a beautiful spirit (balance), extravagant, very humorously and intelligently (IQ & EQ), excellenter entertainer, charmingly, styleful, above average versatile (smile), sometimes seriously and sometimes the small child in the man, sexy crazy cool, socially, emotional intuitive progrsssiv (smile), busy and I erotism and everything like which at good performance to it belonged very gladly (from tender to hard)…
I like these kinds of music: Buddha Bar, Claude Challe, DJ Rivan, Balearic Sounds from Pasha/DC 10/Space/La Salinas, Mykonos Sounds, some Top-DJ's like DJ Pippi/Jamie Lewis/Frankie Kncukles/Carl Cox/Paul van Dyke/Paul Oakenfold, MADONNA (die Göttin of Pop), 2PAC, bestimmte Klassik, manchmal mixed from Paul Young/Joe Cocker/Annie Lennox/Pet Shop Boys/Depeche Mode/Fury in the Slaughterhouse/U2/Tracy Chapman/Bob Marley/Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Lionel Richie/Zuccero/Eros Ramazotti/Tina Turner/Westernhagen/Grönemeyer/Draft Punk/Cat Stevens/Beatles/70's/Bee Gees/The Cure/Robbie Williams/Depeche Mode/Pet Shop Boys/Simpley Red/Talk Talk/Mustafa Sandal etc etc., International and Ethnic.
I usually read: Financial Times, Books about Consciousness, scientific magazines, books concerning environment, 40-50 financial magazines in the month and everything which is interesting… Recommendation: THE WAY by Michael mountain.
I like to go out to/and: laughing, relaxing, dancing, drinking, funking, kissing, loving, praying, looking, powering, crying, reading and a lot of other words with -ing :-)
My favorite cuisine: thai, japan, italian
I like these physical activities: running, fitness, boxing, dance closely with one another ;-)
More about me: My mother ist half russian and half polnish... my father half german and half polnish... my soul is 5731 years old and comes from the continent it calls Turkey today... there I was in my old life a big fighter and I am still one...

I legend it with the words of a Turkish friend, who works now in the general consulate in Germany as a diplomat: “Frank, brother, would become… if you a daily multi-millionaire, I would surprise… however if you a daily billionaire would become, then me that would not surprise…”

Another Turkish friend said: “Who are you? Where do you really come?

A Serbian friend and entrepreneur said: “Ask Frank, it white everything… a changing library…”

And as I in the Peppermint cathedrals of Mousse T. with a live Event in July simply on the stage highly went and me in the middle into the professional dancer out of Portgula place, loose-put and nearly 1000 people before enthusiasm to schrien, said dozens to me afterwards: “Hey, you is one of the coolsten types in this world, which we. You have better danced than the professionals and your show were the hammer…”

I white not which I become, but I am white which I - differently than others…

Thanks, mummy, thanks dad, thanks creator!

P.S.: I like the old wisdom of Kabbalah and I like lightfull (can be wild, too - smile) sex very much....
Age group of a partner: 18-40
My perception of an ideal relationship: WHICH I SEARCH:
… I am not here to repel around me my horns or realize things with changing partner inside, which I would not already long have realized.

I am “round” - is called I white who I am, what I want, what I can do, know my preferences/inclinations exactly and has good) experiences, which I bring along due to my earlier life change extreme (however).

I look for the one lady and woman to horses steal, the level with extravaganter erotism connect - it loves to be tender and deep discussions lead, and simply times ten straight be to let and occasionally wild Games loves…

Of fastidious Events, sessions, Parties and locations up to the weekend in bed with much love, air and meditation… of erotischen “Inzenierungen” and “Perfomances” up to tender Sex or simply only like the wild animals with one another….

But I wish myself an extremely attractive, interesting and erotische Soulmate with level style as well as Köpfchen (IQ and EQ)… thus, something special, which gives it just as rarely, like me… of Charisma up to mental warmth, of strong stop up to loyalty in the form of loyalty - there is so much - and the fact that she is open for new, gladly in addition learns and shows readiness, common with me on the relationship to work… stop (m) a Soulmate (Seelenpartnerin)….
Profile posted on:
Sat Sep 15 03:22:43 2007 (Moscow time) Edit


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