General Information


General Information

Who we are?
Bride.Ru is by far the biggest Russian based online marriage agency.
Alexa ranks Bride.Ru as #2 among all sites in Russian Internet >>>
We've been in business for 4 years and have earned a flawless reputation.
Affiliates are paid daily.
Payouts are very accurate.

Contact us
Bride.Ru general contacts.
The following Email is used only for banner program questions !

How it works?
For Russian and CIS oriented webmasters: register in russian program.
Bride.Ru affiliate program is the perfect way to squeeze extra income out of your website.
We offer pay-per-click program.
Depending on the quality of your traffic you can earn up to $0.80 US per visitor.
When you join you start from $0.10 US per visitor.
The average is $0.23 US per visitor.
The price per click depends on "quality" of visitors, so there is no
exact "minimum" or "guaranteed" price per click.
We recount it several times a day, depending on various parameters
(such as sum of sales of your visitors), so you are invited to monitor
the data using our stats system. You are interested in targeting our primary audience (North American and West-European single men) as precisely as possible. It affects your price-per-click tremendously.

Also, clicks are accounted depending on country. The clicks from Western
Europe and North America are charged at full rate, but clicks from
Afghanistan(for example) will be counted as zero. This is done
according to sum of sales from those countries.

Why not all of my clicks are taken into account?
We use some filters to get rid of "non-interested" clicks.
This is done primarily because we don't need clicks "as is".
Our primary aim is in having steady stream of customers. Clicks
are just an indirect way of measuring it.
This is why, there is no much point in asking your friends
to click your banner.

What sites you accept?
We accept affiliates from any country around the world as soon as it meets basic requirements. Though, mostly we are interested in sites with West-European, North American and CIS countries audience. Most important we do not allow sites containing pornographic material, racism or promoting illegal activities to participate in this service. The system administrator reserves the right to remove any site in violation of these regulations immediately.

How can I join?
We have made it easy for you to join, just follow the steps below:
  1. Fill out the simple sign up application form.
  2. Set up our links on your web site.

Who are your affiliates?
To look at some of our affiliates click here

Can I use my own text links instead of your banners ?
Yes, you can. You must not disorient users. It will affect your price-per-click. Text links like 'Hot chicks' or 'Cool naked girls' will be clicked by boys looking for porno, not men looking for bride. Clickers of this kind will leave our site as soon as possible reducing your statistics "quality".

Can I SPAMvertise your site ?
Spammers are not welcome here. We will notice spam messages immediately. Spammer's account will be deleted immediately, no money will be payed.


How will I be able to track my earnings?
You will be given access to our affiliate members area.
Here, you can track your earnings and traffic by reviewing the report generated from your site. The report is updated twice per hour.

How often will I get paid?
Affiliates are paid daily.
Minimum release amount - $100.00.
Payment ways: wire transfer, e-gold (, webmoney (
Important! If you run a dating or dating related site we are ready to pay you in advance. Contact

Are there any reasons I don't receive money from account?
We are interested in steady stream of customers, NOT CLICKERS. This is why we are not interested in spammers, porno and "click-me-to-earn-money" resources. We do not rely on our automated system only. Every partner is checked once again MANUALLY before sending money. If we find the partner violated these conditions - he will not earn anything.
Also, we experience growing number of cheat attempts. Some people suppose having Perl script is enough to earn money. We do not pay them also. Please, do not waste your and our time if you are going to cheat.

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